Sunday, January 29, 2012

Distracted Nursing

Remember when I was concerned about how long PJ was nursing and hoping that he would get faster, more efficient? Remember how more experienced nursing mommies told me to enjoy the time before distracted nursing began? Remember how I rolled my eyes?

Yeah, you were right. I should have enjoyed that time. Sigh.

Distracted nursing sucks. The world is just too interesting and PJ could miss something. It doesn’t matter if he has already seen or heard or touched whatever pulls at his attention: he must instantly pop off, twist his little body around, and then randomly pop right back on. This may be adorable the first time, sweet the second time, and cute the third time…but, frankly, its freaking annoying - and sometimes mildly painful - after that.

And we are way beyond the third time.


I had heard about nursing necklaces and scoffed (I seriously need to stop doing that). Yesterday while in Heidelberg I saw a chucky, inexpensive necklace with different types of beads out of stone, glass, and plastic; remembered the nursing necklace concept; and popped into the shop to buy it.

I tried it out for the first time today at Oma and Opa’s house. While we nursed, the room was loud and active with seven adults and two bigger boys. Previously PJ would have spent the entire time popping on and off, on and off. Especially since PJ loves playing with older children and these two boys are so gentle and inclusive with him.

But this time he remained relatively focused. Lets hope this is a trend!

Clever mommy.



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