Sunday, January 15, 2012

Open Letter #1

Dear Beloved Son,

I promise: it is not some sort of strange torture. It is not painful. Its not unfair. Actually, honey, its natural and refreshing and I swear if you just give it a try, it could even be fun.

Its called reliable, uninterrupted sleep, my love. Sleep that lasts more than 3.5 hours at the same point in time every night. Say, for example, between 1 and 6am. Or even 10pm and 4am. I know you can do both of those stretches (you've done them before). And didn't it feel great? Waking up so rested and peaceful after a good five plus hour stretch of sleep? Wouldn't it be awesome to do one of those - and if you really want to impress 10pm to 6am - every night? With just a little bit of effort, I bet you could do it. I believe in you!

Because, I promise, New Years Eve ignored, we are not throwing a party without you. We, your adoring parents, are sound asleep in our warm bed, being super boring. You aren't missing anything. Really.

I know that you're learning to crawl and suddenly able to see, hear, feel, process much more than before and your brain has to work through all the new sensations that you are enjoying. And your body is growing so quickly so I get that you need to eat lots and frequently. And I see your new little vampire tooth breaking through and that's gotta be tough. But I swear, if you could just sleep through all this you'll think it passes so much faster and you'll feel all bright and chipper in the morning.

More importantly - because lets be honest, you are already bright and chipper - mommy will be bright and chipper. She might even remember to brush her teeth or brush her hair or notice that she is wearing a shirt accessorized with your spit up before she leaves the house.

So, please, please, please, please give it a shot. Uninterrupted. Reliable. Sleep. All the cool kids are doing it.


ps. Feel free to skip the 7pm to 1am stretch, mommy can't really enjoy that one all that much.


starryfright said...

Other than one random night this week. Emily is still an up all night girl. We have that talk every night, and some mornings, when I can get my tired brain to remember english.

Best of luck to you.

Jenny said...

awww...if only they understood we only want what's best for them!
Here's to hoping you get some rest soon!

Pickles and Onions said...

Oh no! If you are forgetting your English - what will happen to me??

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