Monday, January 2, 2012

Tell Me About Yourself Award

I was invited to be part of the the "Tell Me About Yourself" award by another blogger. The idea is to share seven things about me that you might not know. It seems to be a moving effort around the entire world. I'm stoked that I get to be a part of it. Thanks!

Since family and friends read this blog, I've had a tough time finding seven things that most of your don't know about me. Here we go:

1. I'm addicted to reading. Currently, I read about a book a week and that's with a infant in the house. Before little man arrived I read up to four books a week. I read just about anything - fiction, non-fiction, English, German - and can remember only two books that I put down and never finished.

2. I love peppermint. Mint anything: cookies, tea, After 8, alcohol, cake, candy, etc etc etc etc. I am in the wrong country for this; Germans don't like peppermint all that much. Or could this be the right country? 'Cause I always get double (at least) portions of mint-flavored goodies!

3. I met my husband in an English-as-a-Foreign-Language class. I was his teacher. It still took us about 18 months to finally get together. But talk about Hots for Teacher, right?

4. My favorite movies are Monsters Inc, Amelie, The Wedding Singer, The Princess Bride, and Hope Floats. Why? Because I feel happy after I watch them. Every time.
Bonus: I watch the last minute of Monsters Inc three times every time I watch the movie. Every time.

5. I have moved house more times than I am years old. I'm 31 years old. How 'bout them apples?

6. I do not like talking on the phone. If I talk to you on the phone, it is out of sheer love. My ear starts to hurt; I do it too much at work; and I just kinda run out of things to say if I can't see you. So, pop around. Skype me. Email me. Chat with my on Facebook or Gmail. Text me. Write on my Facebook wall. Comment on my blog. And forgive me for my lack of telephone skills.

7. Writing this blog has helped me transform almost my entire life. I've gone from a dissatisfied workaholic to a rather content woman. Since this one started, I've written through two bouts of depression; grown closer to some amazing family members (you know who you are and I love you both); and started to understand just how good I really have it. Starting this blog was one of the greatest ideas I ever had while drunk. Go red wine!

I get to pass this on to another person - YOU. If you take the challenge, please let me know!


Erica Lynn said...

love it! i might give it a try :)

Jenny said...

lol awesome stuff!I love mint too...especially ice cream!

blogging has got me through a lot too :)

Cake Poppin' Mama said...

I would love to join in :) Also...I'm a baker and I make the most kick ass mint cookie balls and mint cake pops ;)

Pickles and Onions said...

Great to welcome you - Jenny and Cake Poppin' Mama. Do you send those worldwide?

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