Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yinzers: PJ's got a hug for ya

Although I'm not much of an American football fan, I went to college in Pittsburgh - graduating from the University of Pittsburgh - if I root for any team it'll be the Steelers. This past weekend they lost a pretty important game. My friends in Pittsburgh were pretty torn up about it if their Facebook messages are to be believed.

But its okay Pittsburgh, PJ's got your back. To take your mind off the loss, he started sitting for ya.

Forget about them dahntahn- look at me, sitting!

Comere for a biiiig hug

And with a supporter this adorable, next season will be even better.

Thanks at Captain Pittsburgh and Sparky for the outfit.

PS - if you are a Steelers fan outside of Pittsburgh, check out this easy-to-use website for Steeler bars literally around the world.

1 comment:

MrsJ said...

Oh My Gosh. He is ADORABLE!!!!! Yeah, I've got the cutest darn nephew <3

It is so hard to think about him actually SITTING. on. his. own.

Happy hugs and tears sent your way.


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