Wednesday, February 8, 2012

7 Months!

Who gave this kid permission to turn seven months old?? Seven months is clearly closer to turning one year old than just being born. Turning seven months old also means that we are just one month away from the Mr starting his parental leave. Yeah! But that also means that we are only two months away from when I return to work. Does anyone else wonder where all the time is going?

The past few days have been full of new and exciting  experiences. For example, this past weekend little man got to meet an even littler man who is just as interested and engaged in the world at a tender age. Check out those eyes! 

Then just yesterday we got to spend some quality time with Oma. PJ learned the joy of flying on his little belly, safe in warm arms.

And, as all good (half) German kids should, PJ discover beer! The first day he was more interested in the sound of the bottles jingling against each other...

...but by day two he repurposed the crate into his own standing prop. This marks the first time that a crate full of empty beer bottles helped someone stand up straight. And aint he proud?

Happy seven months, Little Farter. You are the best little guy ever.


1 comment:

Jenny said...

the time goes so quickly!

lol Abbey (like all good Canadians haha) is also fascinated by beer. A empty bottle was a great incentive when she first started crawling :P

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