Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Look Mom, No Hands on the Floor!

It appears that remaining horizontal is out of fashion. Although little man isn't properly crawling yet - an effective army crawl gets him everywhere, fast - he is hungry to build leg muscles with some vertical pull-ups. Exciting, right?

Wait, on second thought, this is kinda scary? I mean, I'm just getting use to picking stuff up off the floor - and now I've gotta think about table tops? Hum ....
The first pull-up, late last week.

The second pull-up, just a few hours later.

Just a day later, he took on the coffee table challenge.

Which he then built upon, growing even more courageous on Sunday. 

Monday he decided he was ready to climb the office chair - please notice the wheels. I put really heavy books on top of it so that I could grab the picture.

And then yesterday he started pulling himself up onto his high chair - and everything else at about that height. This is the only picture because I may be relatively hands-off and encourage PJ to stretch himself ... but I'm not crazy! Those legs are ambitious but they are not stable.

Oh, third thought - can I write that? - my little boy is reaching higher, farther, faster. And I'm there, behind him, helping him laugh off a safe fall or maybe cushioning a possible nasty one, but always letting him know that while today it may be his high chair, tomorrow it could be the stars. Or maybe even past the stars. And I will be always be there.

So, yes, exciting. Definitely exciting.


1 comment:

UD09 said...

Hey!! Quit learning everything before I can hang with you! Guess is will inky be able to teach you cuss words. I'm sure mommy will love that!

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