Monday, March 19, 2012

Not Making This Up

PJ turned eight months old at the start of March. What if I told you that he is already walking around with the help of a walking toy?

Seriously. Really. I'm not making this up. I have proof.

In February we were happily surprised by our little boy as he started to sit by himself, crawl, and then pull himself up all at the same time. Since then he has perfected his crawl - hips swinging madly in his rush to move from place A to place B - and grown increasingly confident pulling himself up all. over. the. place.

Then he started to move around our coffee table and, just a few days later, between the coffee table and the couch. So we ordered a wood walking toy. I specifically chose a toy with various engagement options, thinking that PJ would play with it for a while before he started using it to get around.


First there was all the excitement for his second Daddy & Me project - far more than during the first one. The toy was relatively easy to put together (I think) and PJ wanted to be a part of each and every step, even stealing the screwdriver.

When it was finished, he immediately started to play with the games on each side. But more importantly, within a week, little man started using it to get around our place. In the past few days, his confidence has grown and to get this video I had to literally hold him back for half a second.


Some things do stay the same: PJ remains fascinated by the washing machine.

Eight months and cruising around our apartment on two feet (plus a little trolley). Crazy, super, awesome right?


1 comment:

Jill said...

Wow, little dude is on the move!! Super cool walker. So much better than the normal plastic jobs!

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