Sunday, March 18, 2012

Patrick Day Was Great

Yesterday was (Saint) Patrick's Day and our little man enjoyed himself greatly. It was a wonderful, warm, sunny day here. In honor of both his day and the weather, we sat little man in his stroller and then took the street car into Heidelberg together. There we split up for a little while so that I could do a bit of shopping. When I caught up with my boys they were at a local Irish pub: one was enjoying a Guinness; the other all the attention.

Yes, the Mr. bought enough Guinness to be rewarded with that hat.

It might have helped that PJ was not only his normal adorable-self but had added another level of cuteness with his outfit.
Oh, and kiss him they did.
One of the waitresses had a green make-up stick and was thrilled when we allowed her to decorate little man's cheek. 

After enough love was shared and kisses received, we moved on to the Neckarweise, a beautiful park that runs along the Neckar river through the heart of Heidelberg. We were not the only people to have this idea. There were families, groups of friends, pick up games, and picnics all over the grass. We finally found a stop for ourselves and there our little man enjoyed his first patch of grass

He tried to eat it. It didn't taste that great. Not that that stopped him from trying again.

Sadly the time to return home came too soon. There the Guinness caught up with the Mr.

All in all, a pretty great first Patrick Day.


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