Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter ... Oops

Opps, there was a holiday in there somewhere. In my excitement to write this blog, I forgot to post anything about easter. Forgive me, dear readers?

Since we aren't church-going people, we enjoyed a long brunch as a family and then spent the afternoon with the Mr's family celebrating two of his cousins' birthdays. For PJ's easter surprise, I skipped the plastic eggs and the chocolate. Instead, he got his first hard boiled egg. It was dyed yellow by the lovely people at our local grocery store.

PJ's first reaction was quite positive.
"I have the egg and the egg is mine!"
"Nice golden color, lovely shape..."

But once the shell was off, he was far less impressed.
"What the hell happened to my golden egg?"

 After one bite...
"That. Was. Gross. "
The easter egg was not a hit. Unless you count how it hit the ground and then exploded in every direction. Oh, Baby Led Weaning, how delightful you are.


1 comment:

MrsJ said...

maybe he just likes happy colors on his food! try a pickled egg next time! OHH PRETTY PURPLE... Yum

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