Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Vacation

We just got back from our first vacation with little man. We went to "the center of the world": Lago Maggiore in Northern Italy. We've been there a couple of times* and thought it would be good to have our first family vacation in a location that we both know and enjoy.

This was also PJ's first extended car trip. The trip usually takes about five or six hours. On the way there, we left at 3am (or something equally as insane) and it took us about six hours to get there. PJ was a great sport, enjoying each of the rest stops, and then quickly falling back to sleep in the car. The way back home was another story, but lets focus on the positive, shall we?

PJ and his favorite friend at our first rest stop.
Thankfully most of the rest stops have kid corners and are pretty children-friendly. PJ loved this one is particular. He is a huge fan of slides already.
Long car rides are made a little less painful when slides are involved!
When we finally got to the house we were staying at, PJ explored all the rooms and quickly laid claim to them all, including the patio.
"I claim this land for the Kingdom of PJ."
Then there was no stopping him as he explored the yard, crawling through grass for the first time. He wasn't a huge fan of how the grass felt on his hands but his curiosity got the better of him. In the end he had a great time throughout the week playing with us on the patio and in the grass.


When we go to the Lago house, we tend to do a lot of nothing. This time wasn't much different: we spent most of the week relaxing at the house, enjoying the amazingly warm weather. Having PJ around made "nothing" so much more interesting though. Especially as he started clapping (see video above) and making faces at us.
"Check it out, mom, I'm a wild little boy."
Can this kid get any cuter?
Seriously, this kid totally cracks me up.

We did, however, get out of the house a few times. We even broke with all tradition and crossed the lake in a boat. I get car and boat sick easily and it took a while for my stomach to catch up with us when we landed. PJ loved the waves and the rocking though. No complaints from him!
PJ's first boat ride was a big hit.
Another day we went to visit a church that sits high up on a cliff, surrounded by raw beauty. The weather could not have been better and it was a great way to spend an hour or so.

Mommy and PJ on a very sturdy rock wall, enjoying the sun and fresh air, while Daddy repeats, "Get off there! Its dangerous!"

All in all: an awesome vacation. Even more to come soon!

*in fact, we got engaged there and PJ was born 9 months after our last vacation there

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Brandwan said...

Finally (bit pushy am I?? =] ) I have been looking forward to seeing a post from your vacation!

I am so glad that you all had a wonderful time and little Boo learned a new trick!

(glad you're back to the internet world though!)

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