Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Little Reader

I've written before about how much I love to read. There were the bookshelves that the Mr. gave me for my 30th birthday and when I outed myself as a compulsive reader. I've also mentioned how I hope to give this joy on to my little boy and how he has shown some interest in books.

Well, dear readers, I have been holding back. My little guy loves to read together. Loves. I've been a bit scared to share this here because each time I share something it seems like he makes a big fat liar out of me the following day.

But now I have some BE-UUU-TE-FUL (beautiful, for those non-southern speakers) pictures of us reading that just need to be shared.

PJ's most favorite book is "Chirpy Chick". Until I started back at work we read it at least once, mostly twice, a day together. I have the entire book memorized and so does the Mr. Sometimes PJ pulls the book out and then looks at me. It is still a bit too large for him to carry to me, so I pick him up, sit him on my lap, and then he takes over: he opens the book, turns the cardboard pages, and squeals with delight at the well-known characters.

And it warms my heart each and every time.

Getting started - always gotta give the book a little nip first.

Turning to the next page.

Checking to see how many more pages to go.

"The End"

I adore this kid so much it hurts.

Thanks to the extremely talented Aline Lange for sharing these with me. If you are in the Heidelberg area and looking for an awesome photographer, click here. For weddings with an extra special flavor too!

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