Wednesday, May 9, 2012

10 Months!

Our little guy has entered the double-month-digits: 10 months today!!

This blog entry is a bit of a cheat because we have been on an amazing family vacation for over a week that has left no time for blogging, so I'm skipping ahead but I promise I'll get back to those goodies. Til then...

Our little man got to celebrate his entry into the double-digit months with some of his American family in Ohio.
10 months and totally comfortable in a good bar for a good lunch.
Then we got to catch up with the single non-relative that is my age and that I've known since I was in diapers. We have pictures from when we were just months old until we were about 15ish years old. But then we lost touch for a long time until FaceBook got us back in touch. It turns out that we just happened to have our first babies just months apart.

And now we have pictures of our babies just months old. How great is that?

We like flip flops.
Happy 10 months, PJ! You are surrounded by good people.


1 comment:

MrsJ said...

It was awesome to be able to celebrate another "month day" with Boo!!! Great picture with your friends =]

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