Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Bike Ride

While in Hilton Head our little man enjoyed his first bike ride. It was a wild success and we are now trying to find a baby bike seat for our bikes at home. Funnily enough he made the "vroooom" sound almost the entire time, so I had a motorized bike!

Family Steinbach at the start of the ride. Zoom in for the most adorable face ever.

Second most adorable face ever.


Uncle B rocking both the bike and the shades.

Aunt T showing 'em how its done.
Half-way through the trip, we met up with Grannie and Grandpa for some food, ice cream, and laughter. 

Grannie and Grandpa chilling under some romantic trees.

Grandpa and PJ goofing it up!
The greatest table in the place, just missing Uncle Frannie, Kiwi, and da-da.
Aunt T has the best taste in necklaces (that her older sister bought her).
Then we headed home the long way. Not the best decision, but da-da got us back on track.

Da-da showing us the way home.


1 comment:

MrsJ said...

We had an awesome time riding with you guys! PJ obviously is in favor of more bike rides with you guys! Building him up for horsie rides in the future ;]

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