Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meeting the Family (Part A Lot)

We are in week two of our amazing family vacation in the US...and I'm totally behind on blogging about it. Your complaints have been heard. So: the first week we spent an entire week in Hilton Head with my parents, sister and husband, and brother and girlfriend. They were really excited to see us all again.

They said.

But lets be honest here: they were stoked to get to know our little boy PJ.
Yes, that is my mother giving my baby boy ice cream. She's got the "grandmas spoil" thing down.
Grandpa helping our little man enjoy the good ole Red, White, and Blue!
My sister, Little One, her husband, and PJ (who is thinking, "huh?").

Kiwi helping PJ perfect his lady-gettin' skills.

PJ and his uncle Frannie, the most attractive men in Georgia.
And they know it.
There are very, very few pictures of us, the parents. But aren't we cute too?

Yeah, I take more pictures of him too.



UD09 said...

Me so sad.....I want more PJ time!!

Of course time with you and Dom..

UD09 said...
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