Thursday, May 31, 2012

The New Naked Cowboy

A lot of the best people come from, or are descentant of people from, Ohio. People like Harriet Beecher Stowe, Drew Carey, Halle Berry, Phil Donahue AND Jerry Springer, Clark Gable, Arsenio Hall, Woody Harrelson, Tracy Chapman, Dean Martin, Ulysses S. Grant, Neil Armstrong, Don King, William Procter, Ted Turner, Gloria Steinem, Charles Manson, all these amazing people, of course, me and PJ, and the Naked Cowboy.*

What? You don't know about the street performer in New York City called "The Naked Cowboy"? For shame!

He has a real name according to wikipedia, but really, who cares? The guy shows up on Times Square in his underware, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, guitar, and a-hella-lotta self confidence.

The Original Naked Cowboy

A few years ago my little brother - for the purposes of this blog "Uncle Frannie", and also, importantly, from Ohio and is know also for a-hella-lotta self confidence - took the challenge and dressed up as the Naked Cowboy for Halloween. Lets just say he totally rocked the outfit.
Yes, my brother works out.
And the challenge was set. In the tradition of awesome people being from Ohio; the Naked Cowboy connection; and the theme of hella-lotta self confidence, PJ undressed down to his diaper and into the cowboys Uncle Frannie and Kiwi gifted him...and became the best naked cowboy ever.
"Ooooo - this is an awesome idea!"
Really, have you ever seen a better one?

"Feel free to throw some change my way, already."
I didn't think so.



UD09 said...

He does rock the outfit in a stunning fashion!! Jealous I miss this day. He makes me so proud (tear in eye).

MrsJ said...

He missed you so much he wanted to dress like you to wish you back! Maybe he just waited until you were gone because he didn't want to see you try to out better "naked cowboy" him and you would loose. Who cares! I want to see a picture 10 years down the road with him rockin' those boots out and Ol' Uncle Frannie rockin' some with him =] Hopefully NEITHER of you will be in diapers by that point!

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