Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Proud Mommy Moment

Want to know a secret? I'm not a big fan of the ocean. That whole wave in - wave out thing isn't quite what I'd like to feel when I'm standing in water. The truth is that I'm not much of water person in general and if I have to, I'd rather stand in a bathtub or a pond or a lake and even a river (water goes in one direction and one direction only).

But I've seen and felt myself how a mother's reaction can influence the fears and joys of her child and I didn't want PJ's first ocean experience to be led fully by my own uncomfortable feelings. Instead I was hoping for a more PJ-driven experience...and if he ended up acting like the whole water-moving-in-two-directions thing was lame - okay. If not - also okay (in fact, most likely even better).

So when we walked from the house we were staying in while in Hilton Head, along a canal sort of thing where a real alligator lived...

The house we stayed in. Pretty cool, right?

The canal the alligator lived in. Really cool!

a grand total of ten minutes to the beach....
Our little man, chilling in the Ergo.

I silently reminded myself to chill out and let PJ check it out without my hovering or pushing. So as soon as we were all at the beach, I put little man down on the sand, sat down next to him, and took a big breath.

First reaction: what's this?

Second reaction: what's that?

He watched the waves and put his hands into the sand for a few seconds and then he was off. My mom had to pull him back out of the water a few times - he was going to crawl to Europe. Of course, I had totally overreacted and little man was thrilled by the entire experience. Crazy kid. Crazy, ocean-loving kid.

"This sand certainly tastes good. Mom and Dad are in for a surprise when they change my diaper in a day or two."
"Parents who? This aunt and uncle rock"

Frankly, it was a proud mommy moment for myself. It would have been so much easier to hover and transmit my own feelings. But I didn't. And that is pretty cool.


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MrsJ said...

He loved it!!!!! We had such a blast with you guys on the beach and at the pool. Glad we stayed out of the water too =]

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