Saturday, May 26, 2012


We don't have a dog. We probably won't ever have a dog. Another cat? Sure. A dog? I can already see the Mr. shaking his head. There is the whole need to walk the dog; train the dog; find a good babysitter for the dog when we go on three week vacations to the US; etc.

But I like dogs and it appears that all of my family and friends do too because in the past few years almost everyone has gotten a dog. My sister got a massive one and then gave it the massive name 'Coco'.


PJ had a sort of complicated relationship with Coco. Coco really liked PJ and was protective of her smallest charge but she's huge and, although she was well-behaved, PJ (and his parents) couldn't quite relax when Coco was around. However, he could ride her like the half-puppy she is, which made everyone involved happy:
Everyone happy with a good puppy ride.

A few years ago my nana got a shy, middle-sized puppy with the very appropriate name Lulu. This relationship was equally as complicated but for the opposite reason: PJ really liked Lulu and Lulu wasn't having it.

"Ooooh, I really like this one!", says PJ.
"How much longer will this kid be here?", says Lulu
There was also middle-sized Booker who wasn't too excited about PJ and PJ wasn't too excited about him - but I think both were tired when they met each other. We'll give that another shot when we visit the US next time. Sorry, no pictures.

Then we got to Pittsburgh. My friend and her husband also have a dog, Freddie Fourpaws. Neither PJ nor Freddie were too excited at the start but that changed quickly when Freddie realized the amazing source of table food PJ was going to be. Then PJ realized how much fun a playmate his size could be. And they were buds all week long.

Freddie would wait for PJ to come down in the morning, come back from wherever we were, and get back in his high chair and start dropping food again already. PJ called out for his puppy, followed him around, tried to share his toys, learned how to "pet" his little friend (relatively) gently, and just generally loved on his friend.
PJ and Freddie playing together.

Little man even started to call out "Freddie" (soft F, non-existent R, strong "eddie!") when he saw his puppy-friend. We tried so hard to catch it and did ... but not quite. What them enjoy each other in this little clip.



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