Monday, May 28, 2012

A Real Banana Split

Out of respect of our country of choice, Germany-land, I'm not going to go into details here. No need to embarrass an entire nation (this time). You'll just have to trust me - totally trust me here - that the Germans make awful banana splits. Yes, there is a banana and, yes, there is ice cream ... but that is about it.

The Mr. however, in his sad innocence and against all my protestations, has continued to order these pathetic German 'banana splits' every once in a while. Poor guy.

So while we were in Savannah with my family, and we stumbled upon a landmark ice cream parlor called Leopold's Ice Cream, I knew I just had to surprise the Mr. with his first real banana split. When I explained to the talented woman working behind the counter that my German husband was about the enjoy his first real banana split, she even offered to present it to him at the outside table.

America, I love you and your customer service.

The ice cream magician presenting the banana split.

My husband's surprise and my kid's very clever reaction.

When the Mr. got a good look at it and understood what it was - check out that full banana cut in half; crowded with strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream; topped with strawberry sauce, pineapple sauce, and chocolate sauce with a mountain of fresh whipped cream and a lovely bright red cherry - he was thrilled!

The Mr. meeting his first real banana split. Look at the smile!
The Mr. loved it... did PJ.
 Although the Mr. had some concern that he would not be able to finish the whole treat, who could stop eating that wonderfulness? Not him - he finished it right off.

The rest of us enjoyed our ice cream and coffees too.

And the Mr. is forever ruined for German 'banana splits'.


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MrsJ said...

HaZa!!!!!!!!!! And point of the good ol' U.S. =] Should have known that would have been an easy go considering super sweets were up to bat!

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