Thursday, June 28, 2012

First Time to the Zoo

This weekend we had our first family trip to the local zoo. It is small but the space is used well, including a nice range of animal habitats and playing areas for children of different ages. It was a great afternoon out.

The entrance

We got to rent a little wagon for PJ to ride in. It was quite comfortable...

 ...but far more fun to push!


We saw gorillas and seals and turtles and camels and so many other animals but the highlight were the goats. Most likely because they were PJ's size and their area was set up like a petting zoo.

Goats Galore!

PJ checking out the goats.
PJ was interested in the little animals but rather cautious at the same time. He never did touch one; there is plenty of time for that next time.


The time flew too fast and we had to leave before we could check out all the animals. PJ definitely had a good time

And so did the Mr. and Mrs.

ps. Remember me at 40weeks? I had it so much easier than this poor, very pregnant goat. Good lord.

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UD09 said...

Video 1, we know he is saying something SUPER important - Katie

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