Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Freddie 2.0

While we were in the US, PJ built a friendship with my friends' little puppy dog Freddie Fourpaws. Everyone was pretty sad when we the relationship went on hold because we flew back to Germany, especially since hardly anyone we know here has a puppy.

But no fear: solutions will always be found!

At the American baby shower way back when, we were gifted a toy from Sweetheart's dad's own childhood. (Yeah, how freaking cool is that!?!) It is a dog that makes a really loud 'barking' noise when pulled along the floor. I'm pretty sure that most of us had one when we were young. It also has a bunch of metal and floppy ears and other pieces that most likely led it to being pulled off the market but, hey, we are all still alive and kicking.*

As little man has grown in confidence walking - no more crawling in these parts - he has started to befriend this dog toy, even starting to pull it behind him. For some reason I started calling it Freddie, even petting it and pulling it along too. PJ gleefully picked up on that and there we go: certainly not an upgrade, but the continuation of a lovely friendship.

Just don't tell Freddie Fourpaws.

PJ and Freddie 2.0

PJ making Freddie 'bark'.

*I'm not sure yet how, but I'm positive that statement will come back to haunt me.

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