Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our house! (Raw)

If you aren't my parents, sister, or called  Farm Girl (out of love), feel free to close your browser: this is a boring post.

For those named: I know, I have basically failed to provide the pictures of our new house that you have patiently (or not so, wink, wink) asked for. Since there are soooo many pictures, I'm posting them here (maybe temporarily).
"America" room. 3rd floor
"America" room 3rd floor
"America" bathroom 3rd floor

Kid's room, 2nd floor

Bathroom, 2nd floor
Kid's room #2, 2nd floor
Parent's room, 2nd floor

Living room, 1st floor
Dining room, 1st floor

Entryway, 1st floor

The very happy home owners

And, as a special treat, our little boy, standing alone. He may have a lot in his hands, but he is standing up all on his own!



MrsJ said...

1. YOU FOUND NEMO!!! on your toilet?
2. AMAZING house! I cannot WAIT to come and see it!
3. Since all the above mentioned are GIRLS... I am still pushing for pink glitter walls =] .... 1 can be grey for Uncle Frank

Brandwan said...

1. the irony of the gold fish... as a toilet bowl lid... is quite hillarious
2. The house is frickin wicked! Can't wait to come over a chill in you G-crib
3. Teresa has Fifty Shades of Grey on the mind apparently because she used "grey" for the color gray :P
4. What she said! CONGRATS!!!!

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