Thursday, June 14, 2012

Return of the Bouncy Chair

Remember the blog that I wrote in April about returning to work? No? You can read it here.

In that post I wrote how the Mr was "loving the time without me putting my nose into his parenting all the time. He might have mentioned that aspect of me working a few times...okay, more than a few times." And I posted a picture to make my point, adding the caption "I do not recommend this approach."

Really, go back and read the entry.

Welcome back.

Anyways...a few evenings ago the Mr. ran into our bedroom, which I am currently using as an office as I try to balance family and work needs, proclaiming he had just made the BEST VIDEO EVER!


Yes, that would be my 11 month old child bouncing pretty energetically on his infamous bouncy chair with no safety harness, a hard floor below him, a metal fan within head-hitting range behind him, all while wearing no pants but for some reason socks and the German soccer jersey. And his dad's hands are busy making a video on our camera.


I have no desire to be a limiting parent who follows her kid around repeating: don't touch that! watch out! danger! etc etc etc. But at the same time ... well, I would not recommend this approach.

So it's a pretty good thing that I'm not always around because PJ had a great time building ever-better balancing skills as well as confidence in his abilities; the thrill of the bouncy chair seems to have dissipated; the Mr. enjoyed tons of PJ smiles; and - even I have to admit - it is a pretty awesome video.

My fearless, adventurous boys. Mommy's gotta keep up, huh?


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