Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sweetheart Visits Again

**Whoops - I forgot to hit "publish" about, what, three weeks ago?**

Remember how lucky I was to share my pregnancy with a close friend who was pregnant at the same time? And how her precious one was born just one day after PJ and how our little babies - mine the long and lean Duracell baby and hers the dimpled little Buddha baby (nicknamed Sweetheart starting now) - finally met each other in December?

Sweetheart was back in town and our little ones got to play together again. Supposedly babies don't play with each other until they are two or so years old. I beg to differ.

Our little ones warming up to each other in the Schwetzingen Castle gardens.

Later the little ones playing at the standing table together.

Sitting next to each other, playing together.

Our little ones are still so different but they are both equally special. I sure do hope they get to spend a lot more time together in the future!


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