Friday, June 1, 2012

Why My Brother-in-Law is Pretty Cool

A few weeks before we flew to the States, my brother-in-law turned 25. 25 is an awesome year - right in the middle of a great decade of fun. But for a lot of good reasons, he didn't get to celebrate his entry into his "mid-20s". My sister and I agreed that we needed to do something for him when we all got together in Hilton Head. Brownies we agreed because he likes brownies. Funfetti icing we agreed because that really annoys him. And we knew he would totally get the joke and appreciate it.

So, as soon as we could, we ran out and picked up a box of brownie mix and funfetti icing to bake back at the place we were staying and surprise him for a delayed birthday.

But then we got busy looking at alligators, whipped by jet lag, thrilled by the ocean, eating ice cream, taking bike rides ... and just, well, we just ran out of time. We never forgot; we just failed to bake the damn brownies.

Lets just say the birthday surprise was really delayed.

Then we got back to Ohio and got our shit together (thanks Mom!). We missed the funfetti but finally greeted him with some brownies and a happy birthday song.
Mom with the fabulous brownies and a candle that matched his shirt.
Lets just say that Uncle B was totally not expecting a birthday surprise. When he walked through the front door at my parent's house and my sister, parents, and I started singing the birthday song ... he started to sing along.

He didn't know whose birthday it was but, to quote him, "someone was singing and so [he] jumped in." It was only when we got to "Happy Birthday, dear Bxxxx!" that he actually realized we were singing for him

And that, my friends, family, and readers, is why my brother-in-law is pretty cool: he leaps right towards whatever comes his way. There have been times that took my breath away when I heard about one of his leaps, but this kid lands. He might roll a bit or flub the landing, but he lands. When he sticks the landing, he usually doesn't get that what he just did was darn cool. And when he flubs the landing, he brushes himself off, complains a bit (cause lets keep it real, we are all human), and moves on. Moves forward.

Then he leaps right towards the next thing.
Uncle B and his brownies. I missed the leap towards them.
The other thing about my brother-in-law is his sense of humor. At the end of our Hilton Head trip he didn't have any clean shirts and my sister made him borrow one of hers. One of her v-neck, shaped t-shirts. Not only did the guy put it on, and let us make a ton of jokes about the whole situation, he also posed for a series of really ridiculous pictures.

My favorite of the ridiculous pictures.
And that is why my brother-in-law is pretty cool.



MrsJ said...

MADE?!?!?! I didn't MAKE him do anything! I strongly SUGGESTED that if he wanted to make it home he should choose to exchange his shirt for a non-sweaty one!

Mind you, the only reason it got so sweaty in the first place was because he was hauling lots of stuff to the van. Again, being an amazing guy.

This, this post, sums up a very small portion of why I love my B soooooooo darn much.

Thanks for the post sista! You are pretty darn cool too!

Brandwan said...

Well, in 25 years (or a quarter century as Tookie[your sister] likes to put it) this is the first blog post, that I know of, about yours truly. I have to say that I am flattered, and I must admit that Tookie has an equally cool Brother, Sister and Brother from another mother.

MrsJ said...

Still an amazing post. It brings a big smile to my face and warms my heart :)

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