Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Goodbye Favorite Sweater

I rarely buy myself something special to wear. I tend to wear the same clothing for too long, spend too little on my clothing, and in the end dislike the majority of what I own. Right before we moved house and I was packing up my entire wardrobe, I posted this on Facebook:

"Packing my clothing for the move is making me realize that I don't really 'like' 80% of them, don't fit 50% of them, and that it all fits into 2 pieces of luggage and one plastic box. Including my wedding dress."

It made me a little sad to realize how crappy my wardrobe is and how I would have never really noticed if we hadn't moved.So I started sorting out my clothes and concentrating on wearing clothing that I like, are comfortable, and look decent on my post-baby body. Turns out most of my clothes are too small for my butt, so I started losing weight too. Four kilos down and a few more tops that I can wear but don't want to. Yeah?

But sometimes in the past I did spend a good amount of money on a piece of clothing that I loved from the first moment I saw it. And importantly, continued to love over time. Rarely but I did do it.

Like for example when I was in Vancouver and saw an amazing sweater - merino wool no less - in the window of a Banana Republic shop. I popped in, tried it on, loved it, and just kept loving it over the past three years. When I finally fit into it after my pregnancy - so, two weeks ago - I was soooo excited. I wore it a couple of times, PJ smeared it with jelly, and I put it into the washer, noting to myself that I had to be careful not to put it into the dryer. Cause that would shrink it.

Last night I waited, fighting off sleep. Then I lost my battle, forgot about my sweater - one of the very few pieces of clothing I loved and was expensive, expensive sweater - and asked the Mr. to transfer the wash into the dryer and went to sleep. The Mr. followed through cause he is awesome like that and since I didn't mention the sweater thing ...this morning I went down into the basement to get the clothing out of the dryer and out flopped my sweater.

Did I mention it was one of the very few pieces of clothing I loved and that it was expensive, expensive? I hope PJ likes it too. Because he will fit it in about two years. Damn sleep.



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