Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday PJ!

Our little man had his first birthday. Welcome (officially) to toddler-hood, PJ!

There is so much that I could write - so much PJ has learned and grown and changed ... that the Mr. has learned and grown and changed ... that I have learned and grown and changed. But I won't. Not today. Today I'm swimming on the joy of his birthday party and all the love that filled our house. Today, I continue to joyfully celebrate with only a tiny bit of cerebral action (ie - thinking 'too much').

The theme was PJ's favorite book: Chirpy Chick, a gift from Uncle Frannie and Kiwi at the baby shower. When we were in the US in April and May, my mom and I made a onsie for PJ to wear with Chirpy Chick on the front. And here in Germany the very talented Rachel Shoham Hacket of Perfectly Precious {Events + Treats + Homemades} made an extraordinary Chirpy Chick cake.

PJ and his Chirpy Chick onsie.
The amazing cake.

Mommy, PJ, and the cake.

The Steinbach clan.

Happy Birthday PJ. Thank you for stretching our family and making life so much more fun.


1 comment:

MrsJ said...

That cake IS amazing!!!!! It is so darn adorable =]

Congratulations to you PJ! You rocked your first year with the style that only you possess =]

Love to all, Auntie T and Uncle B

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