Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Improving the World

So we've moved house! Last weekend we were blessed with a number of helpers who managed to move all of our belongings from our beautiful apartment, down three flights of stairs, into borrowed vans and cars, across 10 or so kilometers, and then into our new house...all in about six hours.

Totally impressive!

And then helped unpack, arrange, cook, and play with PJ. All while smiling. Incredible, incredible.

The day made me realize just how lucky we are: we are healthy, have a wonderful support system all over the world, and so much more.

But not everyone is so lucky. So, while we continue to unpack our house (pictures are coming, I promise), I wanted to share two opportunities for us all to help improve the world. I hope you'll take a few minutes to read these two blogs and be inspired to support these channels or one closer to your home and heart.
  1. A good friend of mine supports a charity very close to his heart by bicycling - with no little motor to support him - something like 1,200km through the South Australian bush. The goal this year is $75,000. Interested? Inspiring? Read more at Deuxpistolets.
  2. A blogger that pushes me, inspires me, and makes me dream bigger is Glennon over at Momastery. There are always projects going on that anyone can become a part of (and then watch miracles happen). Here is an overview under Monkee See - Monkee Do.
Have others that you want to share? Post them here! 


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