Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome Sally to the Family!

We've  had something pretty dramatic happen in the US side of our family. Little One, also known as Super Sister, and Uncle B were in a bad car accident last week. As in, their van flipped a couple of time and was airborne for a while and my sister and my brother-in-law were rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, both are alive.

Uncle B is now doing okay, running around with lots of bruises and cuts. My sister, however, has more damage, especially on her face. She has already had some operative work done, is sporting a shitload of stitches, and is facing another set of operations very soon. In classic Little One take-it-by-the-balls-ness, she isn't down all the time and she isn't pretending everything is okay. Nope, my sister is real. She's angry and then thankful and then sad - she goes through a normal range of emotions about creating and then surviving a fucking awful car accident - and she has renamed herself Sally.

As in Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Which, we all know, is one of the best movies ever.

Nightmare Before Christmas anyone? source
Welcome to the family, Sally!

But lets be honest, my sister doesn't really look like Sally. My sister has curves where they should be instead of a set of twigs with skin stretched over them. She also has a seriously awesome sense of fashion. Her hair's got waves and body and soul; it doesn't just hang in one big piece behind her shoulders. That and my sister is about 15 million times prettier.
And far more special to me, PJ and the Mr.

Far. More. Special. Vastly more special.

There is so much more I could say about all of this. Things like:
  • how she doesn't have health insurance and what kind of 'first world country' doesn't have universal health care?!?!
  • how when my mom said, "I need to tell you something about Little One" last week, I thought my entire world was going to crack
  • how difficult it is to want to hold my baby sister and be limited to skype
  • how thankful I am to the skype people (I LOVE you guys) for creating and then sustaining that platform
  • how impressed I am (again!) by my brother-in-law
  • how if my sister ever does anything like this again I'm going to wring her neck. And if she dies? I am going to kill her.
  • and a lot more.
But I can't quite find the words. So instead I'm going to express what I can: Thank you trucker man. Thank you for paying attention. Thank you for calling 911. Thank you for pulling over. Thank you for stopping. Thank you for getting out of your truck. Thank you for rushing to the demolished van. Thank you for staying. Thank you for praying with my sister and my brother-in-law. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you, stranger. May we all take a lesson from you.



MrsJ said...

Thank you =) This is one of the best/ worst notes to wake up to. Best because..... hellllllloooo! It is about be by you stating how f-ing hot and amazing I am ;) Worst because I don't mean to super let you down but I am going to never ever let you kill me because I'm going to fight my ass off to never ever do ANYTHING near to close-ish like this this again.

I am damn lucky to have you, said it 100 gazillion times and will say it 19 billion times more than that. I'm not in for making the BOS anything but happy and coffee filled =).

You are wonderful sista! Now let's sing and frolic while Dom sings our background music =)

Jenny said...

Wow! How scary! So glad everyone came out relatively okay!!! Get well soon, "Sally"

callmemama said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog - it accidentally ended up in my spam filter and got deleted. Whoops!

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