Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Boots, Boots!

We have an awesome playground just a few minutes walk away from our new house - it even has a water area for lots of dirty, muddy play by all ages. PJ loves watching the water run through the muddy channels and, I'm sure, as he gets older, he will enjoy more than just watching the water. Read: he'll get really, really wet and dirty in them.

I'm looking forward to that, dear readers.

Recently while chatting with one of the other regular parents there, she mentioned that children come to the playground even in the snow, even in the rain and spash around in the water and mud.

Considering the almost pathalogical 'change wet clothes as soon as possible!' mentality that I have witnessed in the vast majority of German parents (and experienced in the way of super helpful and unwanted commands from almost-strangers like, "You must change his wet clothes now" that I disregarded with a smile - it was 90 some degrees outside at the time), I was quite surprised to hear that children are permitted to get wet and dirty in the cold. Almost encouraged?

My surprise might have slipped out because she reassured me that, "Of course, the children wear proper rain gear!" Then she gave me one of those underground playground tips: a discount company would be offering said 'proper rain gear' in just one week.

Hey, I have wonderful, joyfully memories of playing in the warm rain of southern Ohio with no proper rain gear, but water in the cold German winter? I dunno....so I ordered the proper - and totally adorable - rain gear for little PJ.

Earlier this week, they arrived. Before I could even get them out of the packaging, PJ was whining to try them on. Then he wandered around the apartment showing off his modeling skills.

Zoom in for that face! He knows he's got "it".
Little man loving his new rain pants and rain boots.

Since then PJ has carried his boots to me almost every morning so that I could put them on. He has then proceeded to tramp around the house in them. It may actually be getting cuter each day.


We're ready for some fall, winter, and spring playdates already!



Peter Roberts said...

I detect a hint of Zoolander in PJ there.

Jillian said...

So, where do you get the good stuff?

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