Monday, August 13, 2012

Chocolate Mousse, You Say?

PJ and the Mr. enjoyed a family fest this weekend. Enjoy a picture-filled entry!
Two very pretty ladies.

The party enjoying some drinks.

More family, including the birthday girl.

Uncle Handsome and his girlfriend.

The crew.


"Excuse me, I was given to understand that there was chocolate pudding here?"

"Hum, no chocolate pudding, you say? Chocolate mousse instead? Indeed. Where is it?"

"Ooooooh, a kitty! Excellent!"

"And rocks! Lovely!"

"Am I getting closer to the chocolate mousse?"

"Is the mousse here? I must be getting closer - all these people are following me."

"Yes, they are beautiful these flowers. And the chocolate?"

"This place is so great I get tears in my eyes. Or is that the chocolate?"


1 comment:

MrsJ said...

Adorable! It looks like Boo had his own little adventure during the party! He has so many people that just adore him =] Awesome little nephew!

Question: Did his daddy let him finish his pudding or did he eat the rest for him?

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