Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Onions 2; Pickles 1...Really?

So, the name of this blog is Pickles and Onions. It stands for me - the Pickle - and the Mr. - the Onion. One of my many childhood nicknames was Pickle, in part because I ate so many pickles, and I called the Mr. "onion" for a while because getting to know him is a lot like peeling back the layers of a home-grown, sweet onion: each layer is distinct and you never quite know how many more are in there.

When we discovered during one of the ultrasounds that our little worm was a boy, the Mr. teased me that the score was: Onions 2: Pickles 1. I was outnumbered. But - really?

Because our little man at just one year of age is eating - no, loving - pickles. At dinner tonight he must have eaten two entire pickles.

Yuuuummmmm, pickle.
What? I got this. You got another one for me?
Yeah, I know, today was my first day of working full-time and there has gotta be something to say about that, but PJ eating pickles totally tops all of that.

Pickles 2; Onions 1. Ha!


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