Monday, August 6, 2012

Proof that God Exists

...and has one hell of a sense of humor.

Two weeks ago the Mr. started talking about going out for a night with his friends. My initial response? "Don't mess up your foot again." The Mr. has a history of going out with his friends and coming home a bit injured, mostly in his legs and feet.

He didn't think it was too funny but I found it hilarious and kept going at it. For days. Then, last Thursday during yoga, I 'gently' tore one of my ligaments in my ankle. Frankly, it didn't hurt too bad on Thursday, most likely because the ligament wasn't that badly torn. I'm guessing that taking a number of walks, biking around our new town, hiting a beer garden, and chasing my kid all over the place turned the 'gentle' tear into 'oh damn, my foot really, really hurts' tear.

Long story, short? I have a new 24-hours-a-day accessory for the next six weeks....

...I have still failed to learn the if-you-laugh-too-hard-at-your-husband-it-will-happen-to-you lesson, even though I have been writing about it since April 2010.

Which just proves that God has one hell of a sense of humor.


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