Monday, September 10, 2012

14 Months & One New Skill

Dude. Time flies. And with each week it just picks up speed. How is the even possible?!

Case in point: on September 8 little Mr. PJ man turned 14 months old and we missed it. Completely. As in, I wouldn't have ever realized it but I got a email with a message that read:

"PJ is 14 months. Where are the pictures."

Yeah, no question mark. Just a period. You know who you are.

Happy Month-day PJ! Right on time, he upgraded from a baby bottle to a real bottle.

Relax, its a non-alcoholic caramel drink.
But he owned it like a natural.

I'm not quite ready for him to be ready for freshman year of college.
He gets this from his daddy.

See? Told you. He gets it from his daddy.

Wild horses couldn't have dragged that bottle out his hands. I told you, he gets it from his daddy.

Only his daddy.

And thank god I went to college before social media and you can't prove me wrong.


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