Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Super Leipzig Nanny

A good friend of ours came to Leipzig with us last weekend as PJ's self-proclaimed nanny so that we - the rents - could see a Coldplay concert. I promised more in my last blog entry. Here it is with lots of good detail about our trip as well. This one is picture heavy. Enjoy!

After some get-to-know time in the car, and of course the apple incident, we all took a short walk around the center of the city. It was a very short walk because there was just too much to look at, touch, and then look at again. First in the park and then on the city streets.

Mr. Nanny took charge of the backpack and the stroller because "Ich bin der Nanny." (I'm the nanny)

He's got that stroller look down.
 At first PJ was a little reserved (hahaha) but that ended rather quickly...

The guys - these three were tight all weekend long.
...especially since he quickly realized the benefit of three sets of arms to answer his every wish. In fairness, PJ's legs are little and it takes a lot of energy to look at everything, and twice or three times.

That night the Mr. and I went to the Coldplay concert. Did I mention it was great? Did I tell you we were about four rows from the stage? Did I mention my new & massive crush on the bass player? Yeah, his guitar broke and he missed maybe two beats and kept playing while swapping instruments.


Did I happen to mention how amazing it was to be out with my husband, doing something nifty, with full knowledge that our little man was in good hands? Yeah, that was pretty fabulous too.

The next day the four of us went to the incredible Leipzig zoo. Seriously, if you go to Leipzig, check out the zoo. Very old, very not-too-changed, very children friendly.

The aquarium was one highlight. The inside was decorated as if we were in a swamp with all sorts of clever use of space and decoration. PJ used every opportunity to practice his stair-climbing skills. Mr. Nanny got involved just the right amount to encourage little man to try again and that he was safe.

I'm telling you; Mr. Nanny is good.

Then we walked towards the large cats. This large cat was chilling right next to the viewing window. Mr. Nanny and I didn't get this close, the Mr. took this picture, little PJ was leaning close to the glass. And then the cat sprang up and gave him a slight heart attack.

Which we had a video of that!

After PJ's nap, more walking, some food, and a beer (if I remember correctly), we were all tired of animals and headed back into the city...two blocks away. That's another highlight of the Leipzig zoo: it is right in the middle of the city.

The whole crew.

We walked around a little bit more, got some currywurst for dinner, saw a zombie parade, and then PJ made some friends with some teenage punks. The zombies were pretty half-hearted I have to say but the punks were pretty hardcore. Yeah, until little PJ toddled up to them. Then they were all "aaaaaaaawwwwwwww" and rubbing his head and giggling.

Totally wish I had a video of that!

I have no idea what was going on in this picture. But isn't he cute?!

Finally as we wrapped up our time in the center of city, we stopped by a cathedral. Little PJ walked into a church for the first time and he certainly enjoyed the sound of his own voice within the stone arches.We didn't stay long....although I recall learning that Jesus called for the children to come to him and to make joyful noise, the people in there didn't seem to enjoy his song.

Sigh. Their loss.

That's okay though - he rocked the stairs instead.

Mr. Nanny raced PJ on the stairs. PJ won....barely.

And I stole a picture of the two of us.

Sadly, the next day our short trip to the former East Germany was already over and we loaded in the car to head west. On the way, little man took another long nap and then enjoyed another first: his first Happy Meal! Ahhhhh!

He ignored the chicken nuggets and practiced his dunking skills.

Afterwards we took time to play on the slide just outside the drive through. Mr. Nanny actually helped PJ climb all the way up the stairs and then rode down the slide with him. If we hadn't already embraced him in our hearts, that would have sealed it for us all.

He's Super.

Then the Mr. joined us and joined Mr. Nanny and PJ on the slide. Thankfully I do have a video of that!




MrsJ said...

That is AWESOME!!! I love the video =]

callmemama said...

What fun! Looks like a great time :).

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