Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Schwetzingen Weekend!

We bought our house in April and moved at the end of June. That means we've lived here less than three months and yet I find it hard to believe we lived anywhere else. Often I feel like this house was waiting for us, hoping for a young, chaotic, loving family. Since we were searching for a comfortable home in a good neighborhood with decent neighbours....lets just say the house got what it was waiting for and we hit a major jackpot.

I love this house. The Mr. loves this house. PJ loves this house. The more we settle, the more often the Mr. will turn to me or I will turn to the Mr. and say, "I can't believe we got this house."

The house? Sooooo comfortable. I didn't think I would really like to separate our sleeping from our living spaces with a set of stairs. I was wrong. The separation is great, especially when guests come over for a visit (read: less space to tidy/clean). I also wasn't too sure about a kitchen physically separated from the dining and living room. Wrong there too. Yes, open kitchens still have a great charm but there is also a joy in closing the door on too many damn dishes.

And we definitely have room to grow in this house. Currently the entire third floor and third bathroom are waiting for their first residents. Hint. Hint.

The neighborhood?
5 minute walk to the castle gardens. Yeah, you right that right: we live next to a castle. My commute involves driving past a castle. So cool.
5 minutes walk to a playground for both little and big kids. It even has water.
10 minute walk to the cafe's and beer garden and the bi-weekly farmers' market that makes the grocery store almost pointless.
20 minutes walk to PJ's day care. Which is in an old villa. Did you go to day care in a villa? Me either.
and so much more.

The neighbors?
One word: wow. There are five kids on our little street alone; one is just months older than PJ and they get on really well. Our next door neighbors are incredibly friendly and interested without being too interested, if you know what I mean. We've already had dinner with two of the families on our street; were invited to one birthday party; and got flower seed from another. In Germany...lets just say that is something to be thankful about.

For me, what's also great is that all the other moms with little kids on our street are working moms. So that whole how-could-you-leave-your-baby-elephant-in-the-room stuff doesn't exist. Sigh of relieve here.

I could go on and go, instead I'll move to our neat little town Schwetzingen. Beyond a good infrastructure - including day care spots for toddlers under 2.5 years old - it feels like there is something going on every week for the general public. Two weekend ago there was the "Festival for Children from Children."

Of course, we went - it was a 10 minute walk away!

The Steinbach clan. All three of us!

Little man in front of the spargel statue on the Platz in front of the castle.

PJ loving the jumping castle.*

Beyond the food tents and the games for little kids, there were even games for the bigger kids as well as shops open on a, gasp!, Sunday.

The Mr. trying his hand at bow and arrow.

He has a surprisingly good shot.

We very happily ran into another family that we know there. PJ had a great time playing with the two boys and not only did I get a picture with PJ, but the entire Steinbach clan got one together!

PJ and me!!!!!

The Steinbach clan again!! PJ currently has a tongue thing going...who could he have gotten that from?

It was an excellent day, in our great new hometown, topped off with a yellow balloon.

How much better can it get, I ask you?

Not too much, me thinks.

* I admit it; I've got a thing for this castle theme.

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