Sunday, October 7, 2012

Heidelberger Herbst - What a Year Changes

Heidelberg rolled out the red carpet recently for its weekend-long, extremely full Fall Festival called "Heidelberg Herbst." Basically the entire city center fills with stands offering beer and food and beer and beer and ... getting the point? ...and tourists from all over.

Pre-baby we'd roll towards the Herbst in the late evening and enjoy a number of those beer stands. Now, post-baby we've slowly discovered that there are actually lots of other things being offered at the Herbst. Things like clothing and antiques and music and tons of different types of food. Even kids games and rides. Who knew?

Last year the Herbst was one of our first big outings with little PJ and my sister was here with us. It was the first time we took public transport with little man. I was shocked to discover that I never posted about our trip because it was pretty damn awesome. Better late than never!

Back then, last year, we took PJ out in the Baby Björn (please never use one of these - go with a baby-friendly Ergo or like product instead) and he slept as he had never slept before.

The Mr loving on PJ as he hangs in the Baby Björn.

There was all sort of silliness that happened. This is my favorite picture of that silliness.

PJ was just a few months old and we stopped on a stoop for a snack.

I can't seem to locate a picture of my sister at the Herbst and she was so fabulous at the Herbst. I can't believe that I missed taking pictures of all that. Anyways, for a reminder, here is my amazing sister.

You can't help but love someone with those sunglasses.

This year, we again took public transport. PJ enjoyed it quite a lot more this time around.

At first on daddy's lap for the food.

Later in his own seat, like a big boy.

This year instead of being carried the entire time, he started off on his own two feet.

Later we stopped on a stoop for a snack. What a differance of year makes!

Instead of my awesome sister, we ran into some good friends over Guiness at the Irish bar. Everyone had their own coaster. Everyone. PJ insisted. 

After ensuring his own coaster - and 'prost-ing' everyone five times - he took a tour of the Irish bar. I think he was more than at home. That sort of worries me but I'm taking it a day at the time.

After a bit of walking around we discovered a bouncing castle. Is there anything better? Try to find PJ holding his own as the smallest in the castle. He totally held his own and for quite a long time.

Right when we were suppose to be headed home, little PJ feel asleep in the Ergo. So we posed quickly....

and then stayed for a while. We might gone a slight bit bar hopping. But just maybe.
That may be a toddler asleep on his back. Or not.
Bar hopping does remain the best part of the Herbst afterall.


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