Sunday, October 21, 2012

Out with the Old!

Before we bought our fabulous home, we had an expert come around and check it out. He was satisfied with the status of just about everything in the house - the heating, the windows, the walls, the roof, etc - but there was one aspect of the house that he said "must" change: the patio.

Over the years, the patio had settled unevenly, resulting in loose tiles that made walking on part of the patio a bit adventurous (PJ liked those parts more than the barefoot Mr.) and led to water running towards the house rather than away from it. I don't know about you, but we like when water heads in the other direction.

So, out it had to go.

I thought its be pretty simple: pick out some new tiles and get it done.

I had no idea how many tile options are out there. I'm pretty sure the stack of brochures I collected weighs about as much as I do.

And patio shapes! Why go with square when there are so many other, more natural shapes out there? Curves! Swoops!

And patio sizes! Why stick with the same, cramped patio when we could make it wider and/or longer?

And lights! Why not? Really, why not?

Long story, short: it took three months for us to decide what the "new" patio should look like.It didn't help that we also had some rather out of control vines and bushes around the patio. Did I mention that mosquitoes love exactly those types of vines?

Here is the patio - post one round of rather dramatic vine cutting - in July 2012.

You can see how deeply the patio sunk on the left side.
The mosquito vines are hanging behind me.

Those cracks in the patio? Not suppose to be there.
Like those vines behind the grill? So do those mosquitoes.

We started in August to cut the vines back even further and I took out one of the bushes. I guess when the mosquitoes got starved out, the peacocks from the castle decided our patio wasn't so bad.

What our patio looked like on Friday, October 19, 2012.
When we finally had a plan and I finally ordered the materials - we could finally start directly working on our project. Yesterday the real work began: tearing up the patio tiles, removing the underlying sand, and digging the hole for the patio extension. Considering we aren't the handy-iest of people and aren't in the best of shape and frankly don't quite know what we are doing...we kicked ass.

The tiles are up, the offensive vine is gone.

The other offensive vine is also gone, as is an impressive amount of earth, and a complete bush.

Next weekend, we put down the new foundational materials. Then our lovely friend, The Garden Goddess, will lay down the tiles.

And then, because we've crossed off all the big projects from our list, something will go wrong - cause that's how home owning works, I've been told. Right?


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Edith Canon said...

Nice! I can't wait to see the outcome of your new patio. It's just gets me excited to see a space of a home getting remodelled.

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