Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

PJ went trick-or-treating for the first time this year. Since we live in Germany, where trick-or-treating is just entering into the mainstream, making this night possible bordered on magical for me. I have great memories of trick-or-treating in all the different neighbourhoods we lived in or visited. When we lived in the middle-of-freaking-nowhere my mom would even drive us up to Dayton to enjoy the night.

I guess I wanted PJ to have a taste of that too. Thankful the weather was on our side, although it wasn't warm, it didn't rain and it wasn't windy.

PJ as Eyore, nice and warm.
Friends of ours invited us to their small village for a night of awesome people, easy-going trick-or-treating, good food, and fun music. There were even jack-o-lanterns.
First stop, pumpkin review.

The Steinbach clan. I really did have a costume on - you'll see it later.

As soon as it got a little darker, we took off to trick-or-treat. The older kids ran off with two dads and the rest of us came together in a rag-tag sort of group. PJ was the youngest in our group - the others were seasoned pros. At the first two houses, PJ was confused. But by the third place, he carefully climbed the stairs, scooted through the kids who had already gotten their candy, to confidentially stuck out his open hand. As soon as he had his piece of candy, he'd throw it into his little bag - made by Aunt Sally a year ago - and head off to follow the older kids to the next house.

The 'older' kids setting the pace.

PJ getting his piece of candy.

Heading off to catch up with the others.

After a few hours, little PJ started to get candy picky. Sometimes he even had to be convinced to take a specific piece.

Hum....which one should he take?

This one shall do.

After he got the door part of the trip down, he noticed the other kids were carrying their bags. He got into the game...for a very short period of time. Bags slow ya down, you know?
PJ with his bag of candy. It was a big bag.
 Then we got back to the party, where the dancing recommenced and...

...PJ met fire! We had to hold him back with both arms, the entire time. Who doesn't like fire?

Finally we wrapped up the evening with some yummy salads, which somehow made PJ very excited.  That should make me happy but I'm pretty sure it was still the rush from the trick-or-treating, the dancing, and the fire (!!!).

It was totally the fire. Or the candy. Or my own excitement at sharing something so fundamental to my childhood with my own child that rubbed off on the entire Steinbach clan.

Yeah, it might have been that. 


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