Thursday, November 8, 2012

Three Milestones: Dance, Dance

This post marks three milestones: Today PJ is 16 months old. This is the 400th post on Pickles and Onions. And as of today, this blog has been viewed almost 41,000 times.

The only way I know how to celebrate all those together is to turn up the music and get my groove on. Naturally, not alone ... cause, really, who wants to see a video of me dancing? I'm guessing not even my mom would be in for that one.

I'm dancing with PJ of course!


We make a great dance pair, right?

Though I'm guessing I'd get voted off if this was "Dancing with the Steinbachs". In that light and considering it is another month day for PJ, here's another video of just PJ with first his favorite stuffed puppies, then his mommy's giggle, then getting his groove on, and finally jumping onto his papa.

Don't you just want to join in? Go ahead and thanks for joining us on this journey, for celebrating with us, and for sticking around!



starryfright said...

I think I just died of cute overload.

MrsJ said...

=] Love Love! Congratulations on your milestones!

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