Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Fun 2012

Christmas 2012 has come and gone. PJ's second Christmas; for him, this time it was a lot more fun and about one million times more active. For me? I was mostly in bed - except when I dragged my sick self to my in-laws - with strep throat. Blah.

Anywho - turns out that we need to start a little earlier than Christmas itself because I forgot to share the pictures and story of when we got our Christmas tree. We drove to a Christmas farm close to our small town. There were a lot of pre-cut trees, but the largest sign said "Cut Your Own!". As soon as he saw that, the Mr. said to me, "Did you bring your saw?"

As in, there is no way that my husband would have a saw or - you know - use it.

Well, me either but I totally took advantage of the silliness the entire time we were there. My saw. Hilarious.

I was the only person impressed by the Santa. 
PJ LOVED playing "where's PJ?" among the maze of Christmas trees. 

Can this child be any more beautiful. Really.

He wasn't a big fan on the snow. 

The Mr. and I are pragmatic and we played "Where's PJ?" far longer than it took us to pick out our tree. When PJ got sick of the game, the cold, and the snow, we threw the tree into the car and went home to put it together. You'll see it later in the pictures.

Yeah, so back to Christmas. Just like last year, we first had Christmas Eve, aka "German Christmas" at my in-laws. To be frank, I had no voice, was on antibotics for strep throat, and my body hurt almost every time I moved - I just wanted to be at home in my bed with tea and soup. But it was Christmas so I sucked it up and ventured out of the house. Considering how awful I felt, it was an overall nice evening.

As usual the evening started with a shared dinner and then we opened gifts together. PJ made out like a bandit as to be expected for the first grandchild, right?
My father-in-law
Uncle Handsome
Me! That's me! Back in red. 

A ridiculously handsome group of Steinbachs.
PJ wasn't too thrilled with dinner - who wants to sit still when there are rooms to explore? - but he was all over gift opening. Especially nice, big ones:

"For me? Sweet. How do I open this thing?"

"What could it be? What could it be?"
"A bike!!! I've got wheels!!!"

 The bike came from S-Squared and Uncle Handsome. PJ loves it.
The bike is a pedal-less bike that is rather common over here. They essentially make training-wheels pointless since the children learn to balance before they get a bike with pedals. To see the other kids riding around on these things, they can really fly.  PJ is still a tiny tick too small for his bike, so he graciously permitted his uncle to roll him around the living room.

The gifts just kept coming; PJ even got a cooking apron from Oma. 
Since I was so sick, we skipped the arm wrestling tradition at the Mr's house and went home early. Boy was I grateful to climb into my bed. What one doesn't do for her family?

The next day was American Christmas and we enjoyed a slow, gentle day, just the three of us. It was wonderful. I still felt bad but at least I had something of a voice. While PJ is more or less sleeping through the night these days, he is waking up very early. On Christmas he was up at 5 am and we were eating an early snack by 5:30.

Yes, we all ate cookies for our early snack. Go ahead and judge.
They were awesome.
Then a diaper change was in order so the boys went upstairs while I got the gifts, music, candles and lights ready. I have to say, it was beautiful. The candles were on the shelves around the walls of the room and the light was beautiful.

Our little tree.

The Steinbach clan. I personally think PJ is rocking that
chocolate mustache.

All in all it took us about three hours to open and put together all the gifts. Santa brought PJ a wooden train track system. It has bridges and tunnels and the whole 9 yards. We had to simplify it a bit and he played with it for a long time.

For the record: I got books and was stoked.

After real breakfast and a shared nap time, we needed to get out of the house. This year Christmas day was about 50 some degrees Fahrenheit - so we played football (soccer) in front of our home.


Then seasame crusted salmon with sweet potatoes and a salad for dinner - which I made and it. was. awesome. - and a slow wrap up to a wonderful day.

Merry Christmas readers - did you make it this far? If you did, may I please ask you to take a moment and be grateful for your life and send up a prayer/thought for the families in Newtown? Thanks.


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