Monday, December 3, 2012

Time is Precious - Is It Time To Walk Away?

Last week I got a shock: Pickles and Onions' blog storage space was totally filled. To continue our little blog here - and include pictures - we'd have to pay a monthly fee. It isn't a lot of money but it changes the set-up and raised the question, "Do I want to continue writing this blog, however humble the cost?"

Honestly, reader, I needed to think about it for a little while before coming to a decision. Life has changed since I started Pickles and Onions, Life in the Steinbach clan. I have an awesome but rather time and emotion consuming little man. I'm happily married and that, naturally, takes time and effort. I have lovely friends ... okay, that hasn't changed that much, but finding time to enjoy their company has. I'm finally getting back into the jogging groove after a too long break (three years, but who's counting?). I also have my American family and I want to have time to enjoy who they are and who they are becoming. Oh, yeah, and I still work full-time in the corporate world.

Then there is that whole sleep thing too. Sleep takes time too. And I am very happy to commit all the time I can to that whenever I can.

In other words: Time is precious. So, so very precious. Writing a blog also requires time and, lets be frank here, I haven't been taking the time to do a good job. Recently I've been sticking with okay: throwing some pictures into an entry; weaving a rather weak story around them; and signing off with 'xo'. Less than inspiring stuff, if you ask me.

My family is the most important part of my life, but, really, I didn't mean to turn this blog into a picture gallery. I've meant to write entries that share my thoughts and experiences as well as a glimpse into wonderful world we inhabit with our little man. Which is where the issue of time comes up. Where do I want to dedicate my time - because I can't and won't try to do everything. Already I played with the idea of getting this thing printed and walking away from a good run.

So, when faced with the requirement of suddenly paying a humble free for the ability to continue to this blog, the question of stopping became evermore present. I thought about it; the Mr. and I talked about it; and...well, here is my decision:

Pickles and Onions will continue. With pictures. And a whole lot less pressure on yours truly.


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