Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy 2013!

We got to celebrate with Sweetheart and her mom who were visiting Germany from the US. It was a great couple of days together and PJ and Sweetheart had an excellent time together.

Beautiful Sweetheart and her mommy.
It took PJ a little while to warm up to sharing his toys but within 30 minutes, he was so overwhelmed with the joy of having Sweetheart in the house that he was a goof the vast majority of the time. We actually have a video of him flipping out with joy but I can't get it to load. Instead, here is one of many silly faces he made at the camera.

And once they started playing with each other, there was no stopping them.  Here is one short video.

And two pictures. Please don't let these fool you, Sophie isn't passive; she is a pro and holding her own ground. Its just that I was able to get decent pictures when PJ had whatever toy it was at the time and wasn't trying to steal back his toys.
Though to be honest, those pictures are pretty funny.
To see how much they've grown, check out this blog post with the same toy.
Of course, the mommies enjoyed the time that the babies were playing with each other to finally catch up and reconnect. As much as we may try to send back emails and keep up over Facebook and phone calls, face-to-face is just better. Especially now that we are both moms of children the same age, its great to see how similar and how different they - and we - have become. Our children are so different and we have become different parents too, which is such a blessing!
Now she just needs to move back to Germany already!

We also confirmed, for all three of us adults, that while twins would be somehow manageable, it sure keeps your hands super full! While we were at the local playground, the Mr. took over both kids on the swings. Hilarity ensued.

Before feeding the kids dinner, we put off a short firework display for them. Sophie was totally into it!


After a looooong process of getting - and keeping - the kids asleep on New Years Eve, we finally enjoyed significant amounts of wine and champagne and a relaxed meal with just the adults. Then, per German tradition, the fireworks started. Just like last year, PJ joined us for the excitement. Sweetheart slept through the chaos.

The Steinbach clan at midnight.

Little PJ or Lisa from the Simpsons?
2012 was a good year; 2013 is going to be epic!

The Sandy Hook survivors returned to school today. Please continue to pray for them and please join me in Demanding a Plan.


callmemama said...

Happy New Year!

MrsJ said...

This is so great!!!

Is that the sleeper that your Mr. got for Boo... over a year ago?


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