Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How Did That Get To Be Too Small?

On September 21, 2011 I posted this picture with the caption "so...did we order it too big?"

PJ at about 2.5 months
I got some pretty hilarious answers including a hint to shove some "jagerschnitzels into him" as well as a warning that he would be out of it in no time. I laughed at the first and sorta dismissed the second.

Oh. My. God. How does time fly? Because it happened: PJ grew out of that massive sleeping sack. And the kid turned one and a half years old today. That means that tomorrow he will be closer to two years old than one year old. Who approved this message?!

Since PJ was ready to move on but mommy wasn't quite ready (and daddy too although I bet he wouldn't admit it), we ordered him the same sack in an even larger size.

PJ and his sleeping sacks.
The rub? I can already tell he'll be out of this new one far too soon. We've got one healthy little man.

Counting my blessings....


1 comment:

ellejay said...

My wee one does crib gymnastics and a blanket would never cut it! I love the sleeping bag. But when I see all the pics you post of PJ eating chocolate, no wonder he needs a new sleeping bag :-)

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