Sunday, April 28, 2013

Little Projects

One benefit of our new home is a nice-sized garden and our awesome new patio. The garden needs a lot of love and work over the next couple of years to rescue a few of the plants and trees and simplify the rest. This year we are focusing on cleaning out the remaining vines above the patio, laying new grass, and growing our first set of plants: pumpkins.

PJ and I have been sharing this project. We started with seeds and then we waited (PJ wasn't very interested in this part). About a week ago the first tiny little leaves poked up above the earth.

PJ was very interested in those first leaves.

Almost every morning we come downstairs and check out how our plants are doing. Out of 20 seeds, four plants are growing. Which, considering we are talking about pumpkin plants here, is more than enough.

Today I realized we've almost reached that magical moment of four-leaf plants, meaning we can replant our pumpkins outside on the pile of leftover earth from our patio and new grass projects. PJ was super, super excited.  

If I may say so myself, they sure do look good!

Another benefit of our new house is that we have four bedrooms. So at the same time, as PJ and I have been working on our plant project, I've been working on my own 'little' project. Just around the time we'll be harvesting the pumpkins, we will also be redecorating one those rooms. Because in October we will be welcoming our fourth Steinbach clan member!

14 weeks
We are super, super excited to welcome our little addition. One of us can hardly wait...

16 weeks


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starryfright said...

Keep an eye on those pumpkins. We added those to the garden last year for Emily, and they grew like crazy. The plants are huge, and spread every which way, invading the tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

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