Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Right before my mom, Granny, took off back to the US, we took her out for Mexican food in our little town. Kind of ironic that we were in Germany and headed out for Mexican, but the food there is really, really good.

And my mom seems to like irony and I think she was just excited to get out with all of us for one last time, especially since during her three weeks with us we dealt with the flu, a series of infections, a cold, as well as a set of fevers.

The Steinbach clan.
We love this restaurant because they are so friendly to everyone, especially kids, and the food and drinks are all made in-house. They also have kick-ass drinks. I may enjoy the kick-ass drinks the most...though the guac is way up on the list too.

Mom doesn't drink alcohol...but she's a hell of a ham for the camera.
We always start the meal off with guacamole. The guacamole is excellent and the chips are homemade, fresh, warm, and crispy. PJ insisted in helping us all put the guac onto our chips, mostly choosing to either eat (or at least lick) our chips before he handing them over.

Eating with a toddler is not for those with a weak stomach.
Getting the guac onto the chips requires concentration.
When our meals arrived, the "small kids portion of french fries" turns out to be much larger than any of us expected. PJ was thrilled! For the record, we had to get the ketchup refilled and he ate about half of those fries.

Thankfully we actually remembered to bring a bib with us because PJ got just about as much into his face, onto his face, and all over his bib.  

And that was before he started playing around with his Granny. The last few blogs are full of fun pictures and videos of them playing together. Even out to eat, they got on so well together; PJ of course setting the tone and leading the games. Just like here:


Of course, PJ got bored quickly and, thankfully, was free to walk around the room, trying out almost every free seat while the owners goofed around with him. As the three adults finished our meals, we all began to join into the fun. My mom caught this picture of the three of us enjoying each other.

And then dinner was over, just like Granny's three weeks with us: too quickly and although we knew it was coming, still sad when it ended.

The next morning, we finally managed to grab a picture of all four of us right before I drove Granny to the airport.

The next morning, PJ looked everywhere for his "Annie" (Granny). I think its safe to say we are all looking forward to seeing her and other guests soon!


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