Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Silly with Granny

Turns out that I have been misspelling "Granny" ... whoops.  Will do better moving forward. Promised.

Poor little PJ got my skin in the genetic mix-up. That means that he continues to have challenges with his very dry skin and the cold winter wind. It can lead to cracked skin, bleeding, etc, etc. To help protect his skin we have to carefully smooth lotion all over his body but especially on his face.

PJ isn't a fan of lotion and he does not like lotion on his face.

While Granny was here, she jumped into the lotion-spreading fun. One day she tried a new approach by role modeling (lots of) lotion on her face. PJ wasn't too impressed but Granny did manage to get spots in the most important places. He wasn't allowing her to smooth it out though.

Then she tried a tested method that has had some success, some failure: bribery. In this case a shiny new ambulance that lights up and makes noises.

At first he was interested but skeptical.

Then the lights made him smile...

..and the siren made him laugh.
But we totally blew the bribery angle when PJ got his grubby hands on the ambulance toy before anyone got the lotion rubbed in.

And then he crowed!


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