Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Halfway Mark

My pregnancy with our little jelly bean is half-way through. Today I’ve hit 20 weeks (the 21st week for you Germans out there).  Half-way through. Wow.

This pregnancy has been different from my pregnancy with PJ. The first trimester was ugly: I missed nine weeks of work (!!) due to recurring strep throat, followed by too much weight loss, irregular blood pressure, some not-too-serious heart issues (mine), significant vomiting, and almost constant nausea.

Thankfully my mom was here for part of the time and the Mr. is patient. Because I am not an easy sick person; I am, however, an excellent complainer about being sick. Right, mom?
The second trimester has been going much better – because really, Einstein hit the nail on the head, everything is relative – but it still isn’t what I would call “easy”.  Last time I flew to Ireland, Russia, and the US during the second trimester. This time I’m not permitted to fly and my doctor encouraged me to stay relatively close (think: Germany, northern Italy, eastern France and the like). Thankfully the vomiting has stopped but I’m still dealing with irregular and short waves of nausea, flat out exhaustion, unpleasant stomach issues, continued blood pressure stuff, and now daily shooting pain in my back and left leg.
Pregnancy, how glamorous.

We’ve managed some of the symptoms by permitting me to be lazy (with a limited bad conscious). That means while I'm laid up on the couch, PJ is goofing around and often a movie is running. He can call out some of the lines in Monsters Inc; has shown a real liking to Ratatouille; and can sing and dance along to a German early morning cartoon called Kika. He even has a movie-watching chair. I'm not sure that is something to be proud of but we're getting on together.
Those problems also mean that a number of those garden projects that need to get done this spring have been one-man jobs. Let  it be known that the Mr. does NOT enjoy garden projects and suffers from some pretty nasty allergies. So it is impressive that he is doing the garden work on his own - sneezing the entire time - while I take pictures and try to keep my “suggestions” of how he could (read: should) be doing the work to myself. Very impressive.
One of the garden projects that the Mr. has done alone, before...
...and after.
And lastly, all these negative symptoms led to a larger tweak in our diet for the last two weeks. I have a tough time absorbing fructose, like that found in High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), household sugar, and fruit. Most of the time I can remain in my 'okay' range by balancing the amount fructose in my diet through avoiding HFCS almost completely and thoughtful choosing my other foods. Other time, like during periods of stress (like this pregnancy), I can't and I need to be strict and go almost fructose-free to flush out my system, meaning: nothing packaged (not hard for us), nothing homemade with household sugar (a little harder but I can replace the sugar with glucose), no fresh or dried fruit, honey, or juice, (hard), and no garlic or onions (the hardest part).
Since we eat as a family, that means that the Mr. has also been going without his garlic and onions at dinner. Bless him.
But what it also means is unlimited fresh sushi!! Yeah!!
Lots of vegetarian, pregnant-lady-friendly options.
See, it isn’t all bad.
I do, also, have that lovely glowing skin and my hair shines like I’ve gotten prepped for a Pantene commercial.  And I can feel the baby moving and stretching in there. And the Mr. can occassionally feel the jelly bean poking around too. And we got to see his/her face on a 3D scan (those are so cool). And PJ runs up to pat my “baby belly” and sometimes he insists that he has to kiss it too.
Yup, it’s not all bad. In fact, it’s pretty great. I’m growing a human and no matter how I look at that, all I see is a miracle.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Flowers and Fruit: 4 Years

Today the Mr. and I have been married for four years. Dude. Time flies. Four years ago we were in the US getting ready for our marriage ceremony at my Nana and Papa's house.

First we got married, then we kissed a lot, took a hell of a lot of pictures, and then we partied.

One of many, many kisses.

Want to see more pictures? Check them out here.

I almost named this blog Dancing Queen and Mr. Man...

...which wouldn't have been fair 'cause he can move.

One week later we celebrated in Germany. Back then, in 2009, we thought we knew what it was like to be busy and tired.
We are excited but also already tired. Who has two weddings in one week on different continents?!

Then in 2011 when our family expanded, we all learned what it the word 'tired' actually means. And I learned about good facial creams, but that's another story.

I call this picture "Bewildered I".
Some of us look cuter with 'tired' then others.
And in 2012, with us both working full-time and putting our first house together, we got a taste of 'busy'. I would post a picture of us busy but I was too busy to actually take one.

I'm supposing with the arrival of our little jelly bean in October, we only know the half of both 'tired' and 'busy'. I'm also thinking we may be a little nuts. We'll see. But either way, four years into this shared adventure of marriage with the Mr. (and nine of us being together), I know this is still My Good Life.

And how many people get to write that?

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