Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adventures on Sylt

More than a few weeks ago we went for our last vacation before the jelly bean arrives in October. Considering we had to drive nine hours, we split the driving into two days both up and back, stopping at some friends' homes outside of Hannover. They were excellent hosts but sadly I failed to get a single picture of our time together.

On the way up, and after our stop in Hannover, we went to a German island in the North Sea called Sylt. The two car-friendly ways to get onto the island are with a ferry from Denmark or a train for cars from Germany. We chose the train option and it was remarkable. Although its only eight hours away from where we live in the south part of Germany, it felt like a different world. The air smells different, the air feels different, the world looks different: flat, moist, sandy with straight lines as far as the eye can see.

Our view from within our car while on the car train. That there is the sea in low tide.

PJ with his baby while on the train.

Once we arrived in Sylt we discovered we had rented a one-bedroom hotel room with a kitchen. That was a really nice surprise. It is so much easier and relaxed when little man can enjoy his morning cereal while his parents are still in their pajamas, sipping their coffees. Am I right, other parents?

Almost as soon as we arrived, we went out for a long walk around the hotel's area and then for dinner at a great kid-friendly camping place with direct access to the wild side of the sea.

Check out that natural sand dune sorta thing in the back.

The boardwalk up the sand dunes and to the sea.

The top of the boardwalk.
PJ seeing the ocean for the second time (first time was in Hilton Head).

 I wanted to put a video of PJ running to the sea over and over again, while his papa rushed after him over and over again, but Blogger is being a serious P.I.A. You'll have to imagine it I guess. Booooooo.

We finally managed to catch PJ just long enough to snap a quick picture.

The next day we went to both the south and the north tips of the island. While the rest of Germany was soaked in rain that led to major flooding, we were on a sunny, hot island. This side of the sea was calm but still freezing cold water. That didn't bug PJ at all: within half an hour, we had stripped him down to his onsie and he was happily rushing towards the water to splash around.

Right before we stripped him down, rushing into the freezing cold water.
Notice: PJ is the ONLY person headed towards the water.

When he was finally too cold to play anymore, we bundled him back up and cuddled him warm. Then we  played on the beach playground and ate some yummy ice cream.

Afterwards, we were more than tired and all crashed out for a massive nap. Our jelly bean decided to dance me awake, so I got this adorable picture of my boys napping.

That afternoon we went to the northern tip of the island which was so beautiful and stunningly raw that we forgot to take a single picture. Whoops. Guess you'll enjoy a vacation there soon? ;)

The next day, our last on the island, we explored the largest town of the island called Westerland. We spent the majority of the time on the massive, stone boardwalk that runs along the seashore. Along the way there was a walkway under active repair with massive machines and the whole deal. Of course we had to stop so that PJ could watch the machines...but I'd like to point out all the other men of all ages that were watching the action as well.

Men. So easily distracted.

Typical of an island, the weather turned from the warm, sunny of the day before into a chilly, rainy day within just a few hours. As mainlanders, we got caught in a hefty downpour. But as lucky mainlanders, we managed to duck into a simple, PJ-friendly beachfront restaurant that offered reasonably priced and super yummy fish platters.

PJ and papa right before the rain started.

PJ and mommy during the start of the rain.
Those skies! Those sand dunes!

All in all, I'm happy that we took the chance to visit the island Sylt. Its a rather posh island - one way to describe it: there are certainly more Porsches than there are VW, let alone Toyotas or Fords - but it also offers activities that are family-friendly. It is a special place, especially since so much space is set aside to allow the island to be and remain 'natural' but for us, I think once is most likely enough.


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