Sunday, July 14, 2013


While we were up in Northern Germany, staying with a wonderful former colleague on her awesome farm, she encouraged us to visit a smaller, less-popular-than-Sylt island called Föhr for a day trip. We had to ride a ferry to get there (did I mention that I was nauseous every day without a ferry ride thrown in?) but it was worth it.

On the ferry.
Overall, the island was somehow slower, calmer, more friendly. The beaches were scattered with the traditional beach chairs that can be rented for a small fee. We found an empty one at a beach bar and got to enjoy that special North Sea experience without the fee. That was nice because with a toddler, no one stays anywhere long enough for a fee to make sense.

Since I wasn't feeling all that great, I stayed in the beach chair above while the two boys ran across the wet sand and into the sea.
But mostly we just wandered about for a few hours, enjoying the sun and taking fun pictures. PJ, of course, spent most of his time charming everyone around him. 

And then it was already time to go back to the farm.
All in all, while I enjoyed visiting Sylt once, I think I'd rather go back to Föhr. More my speed.



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