Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday!

I am now the mother of a two-year-old. Two years; never have two years gone by so quickly. Unfortunately, PJ has been a bit sick and out respect for the other children we invited (and their parents!), we rescheduled his birthday party by a week.

But that doesn't mean WE can't celebrate! And the party started early and in the back yard.

PJ's face as he first sees our back yard.

PJ running towards his birthday surprise.

What made PJ so excited: a wadding pool with lid, a slide (that we quickly
discovered fits into the wadding pool), and a little house.
The slide was good fun, but got even better when it was the entry point
into the cold water.

PJ took ownership of his little house quickly and with easy, extreme joy. He then spent the entire day in this little house. He ate and drank there; he parked his little car there; he goofed around running in and out the doors...

...and even invited mommy around for a morning coffee. Such a smart, smart kiddo.
Mine is real coffee; his is "kinderkaffee", also known as hot chocolate.

We wrapped up the morning with homemade cake for breakfast. This marks the first time I have ever made a cake from scratch and then decorated myself. Lets just say...it was sweet but I didn't miss my calling as a baker.

P.S. we are now in the 3rd trimester!
After the Mr. had to head to work, a friend popped around with a bowel of ice cream for the birthday boy and a little toy police car. Then PJ and I opened a gift from the US: four really nice books about animals. When I realized that two of the books are pop-up books, I got a little nervous but PJ is all over them, carefully, and enjoyed them for quite a while.

Then PJ and I got out of the house for a short errand and then came home to take a much needed nap - PJ even feel asleep on the couch!
Being two is exhausting.

Almost as soon as we woke up, we skyped in Granny and Grandpa in Ohio while PJ played in his own little playground, including cold water in his wadding pool.

Finally Tante S (formerly known as S-squared) arrived. With another gift: this time a table and chairs for the back yard.

PJ was all over them, claiming his immediately and then assigning a chair to...
...daddy and Tante S.
After a relaxed dinner, PJ opened his final gift (of the day): a book from mommy and daddy. Our little man is a heck of a snail hunter, especially in our back yard. So we got him a beautifully crafted book about a friendship between a snail and a whale.

Opening the gift with mommy.

Hunting for snails with daddy.
All in all, it was a super busy and very enjoyable day. The Mr. and I were in bed right after PJ and getting up wasn't the easiest this morning for us all, except our little jelly bean who was dancing and tumbling at 5:45.

PJ is two. I'm in the 3rd trimester. Wowzers.


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MrsJ said...

=) it does look like your day was amazing!! I'm so happy for you four!!

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